We are so excited to share our talk show with you because it is so unique in so many ways. Our extraordinary mission is to uplift, inspire and self-empower each other as we reflect on life through talk as we examine how life feels and works through the eyes of fear and love.

The most exciting part of the show is that it works from a premise that the purpose of life is to “live in joy.” We all have the power to do so as we focus upon positive aspects of life for

Because motivation is the desire to feel better, we have created this program that expresses an innovative forum for self reflection where people are given a safe and open platform to explore ways to live in a self empowered and joyful way.


We are on Summer Hiatus, but the Show will be available for viewing here on the website. We are having technical issuses in the loading of the shows to the site. We hope to have the issues resolved in a few days. In the meantime, enjoy the clips below as they will be removed as soon as the "Best of Beautiful Dorks" can be loaded onto the site.

Thanks for your continued support.

Beautiful Dorks

Beautiful Dorks - The Story

We selected the name Beautiful Dorks because we wanted it to be fun, light-hearted and creative. We also want to convey how important it is not to take yourself and your life too seriously. Many consider those who are positive and fun- “dorks” even my own kids call me a “dork.” Fortunately, many so called dorky people radiate a beauty that comes from the happiness within them. Personally, it wasn’t until I really started to follow my bliss and live my life in a joyful way that I began to radiate my true inner beauty. Even before the show was formed I would often joke as I would crack myself up that- “I am a Beautiful Dork!”

Even though the show is based on abundance, love and positive aspects of life; some of the ideas can be controversial, challenging and even racy. At times we may address sensitive topics in a bold way to induce thought and awareness on important material. Many may find some of these ideas difficult to believe and apply because they often run contrary to our popular culture and can take courage and faith to implement when exploring uncharted territories. Yet, I have, personally, found this to be a bit scary but also very exciting and exhilarating to explore. These concepts and principles for inspired and empowered living are far from new. Many have been around since the beginning of time and come from numerous spiritual and non-spiritual sources. However, we are less interested in where the material comes from and more interested in whether they work to promote a happy and joyful life.

Unlike most talk shows, the show is not named after me; the host. We purposely wanted the name to reflect the community we are serving in a fun and light hearted way. We are excited to connect with those who resonate with or are curious about our premise- that the purpose of life is to live in joy as we come from a place of love, abundance and happiness. As the show’s host, I will no doubt color the show with my personality and insights. However, I do not want to be deemed an advice giver, a guru, or an expert in any way, shape or form because I truly believe all the answers we seek are within each of us and we can support one another in that but ultimately no one outside of ourselves will know what is best for us. Hence, my purpose is to serve the show as I work to promote self empowerment through self- reflection, thought and talk.

As I hold my vision for what I want, I often have people ask me, “Where do you get all your energy and your passion for life?” I reply that I find I am happiest when I am uplifting myself and others and that is why the show is one of my life long dreams. I can not think of doing anything more exhilarating than being a part of uplifting, inspiring and self-empowering myself and others on such a large scale as this. It is exciting to attract the right people at the right time to create a dream that I am so passionate about. We are not here to try to persuade anyone to believe the way we do, we are here for people who resonate with our mission and who want to be a part of living a joyful life with us through thought and talk. It follows that we are most excited about encouraging people to follow their bliss and to do what thrills them. We find it ineffective to live from a place of lack or obligation because it simply feels better to come from a place of abundance where one gives and acts because they have a sincere desire to so.

We have added a contribution button to our website for those who would like to give freely and from the heart because they resonate and believe in what we are doing and would like to be a part of financially enabling the show to grow. We are most appreciative and excited about the contribution because (we aren’t a nonprofit organization) there will be no tax deductions or tax right offs for those who give. Hence, those who choose to give are freely giving without any expectation of any return. Now, that is the very best way to give. Giving with a free and open heart!